A. Ramana

ramana-finaltalksA. Ramana (born Dee W. Trammell) was, at various times, a bus driver, a dance instructor, and an associate of Napoleon Hill before a mystical encounter with the words of Ramana Maharshi in a bookstore initiated a second awakening experience in him that eventually compelled him to travel to India, where he spent time at Sri Ramanasramam (Ramana Maharshi’s ashram). The name ‘Ramana’ was given to him by V. Ganesan, grand-nephew of Sri Ramana. The name Arunachala was given him by Muktananda, but he tended to use just the first initial. He co-founded the Association for the Happiness of All Mankind (AHAM) with Elizabeth MacDonald in Asheboro, North Carolina and its second location in Tiruvannamalai, India. He passed away in 2010.


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